DTF Printing

DTF Printing

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Just the film! 

Size your gang sheet to 11.5" wide, and as long as you want. It will be printed as is. Google "how to build a gang sheet in canva" if you need help ❤️ 

Any file type is accepted, make sure to remove the background, or it will print.

Price is 50 cents per linear inch (width is always 11.5")

The length in inches is the number you will add to cart. So if your sheet is 11.5" wide x 12" length, add 12 units of this sku to your cart ($6.00)

If your sheet is 11.5" wide, 80" in length, add 80 units of this sku to your cart ($40.00) etc

Please fill in ideal date/time for pick up & I'll have it ready :)

Press @ 350 degrees for 20 seconds with a barrier (Teflon sheet). Peel film away quickly while hot, and press for an additional 20 seconds (again with the teflon barrier).


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