An enamel pin in the shape of a raised black fist, is mounted on a cardstock reading "Shop Love Collective .com, The Pin Project."  Directly below that are several symbols including the Progress Pride Flag, white & brown hands holding in the shape of a heart, the words "every child matters" in an orange circle, and more.  At the bottom of the cardstock  it says "This pin gives back to Black Lives Matter Canada."

Enamel Pin, Black Lives Matter, Raised Fist, Racial Equality

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$1 from every pin sold is donated to the Black Lives Matter Canada

Donation receipts posted on the website monthly!



Perfect for your backpack, jean jacket, t-shirt, suit lapel, or anywhere else you like to pin what you believe in!

Approx 1" tall 

Metal filled with bold enamel colour 



Black Lives Matter Canada is a platform upon which Black communities across Canada can actively dismantle all forms of anti-Black racism, liberate Blackness, support Black healing, affirm Black existence, and create freedom to love and self-determine. They work to forge critical connections and to work in solidarity with Black communities, Black-centric networks, solidarity movements, and allies in order to to dismantle all forms of state-sanctioned oppression, violence, and brutality committed against all Black communities, including African, Caribbean, Afro-Indigenous, migrant, queer, trans, and disabled Black communities.
In addition to fighting against anti-Blackness, they create spaces to build our community. Through alternative forms of education, programming events for our communities, and supporting cultural creation, we believe that we create our own liberation through our commitment to thrive and build beautifully, in spite of the ugliness surrounding us.
In the movement for Black liberation, Black Lives Matter Canada joins calls to decolonize Turtle Island and Nunavut Nunangat. Our struggles are tied up with the struggles of the Indigenous people of the land on which many of our ancestors were brought and forced into brutalization—a living apocalypse. There is no Black Liberation without Indigenous Liberation on Turtle Island.

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